Astrological Relationship of Food & Planets

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The Navagrahas or nine planetary gods in Hinduism are: Ravi, Som, Mangal, Budh, Brihaspati, Shukra, Shani, Rahu and Ketu. The Hindus believe that Navagrahas play a key role in their destiny.

In the realm of astrology, food is directly related to the planets and it is believed that if any person wants to appease the ruling planet of the birth chart, then he/she should eat very thoughtfully. Only by doing this, you get the blessings of the new planets.

So let’s try to find out how the new planets can be pacified with food:

  1. Ravi (Sun, Sunday): This is the day of the Sun God. Sun is the symbol of fire. He likes red colour and so his favourites include gur or jaggery, red pulses, Kesar or saffron, Chandan, wheat, red fruits and red sweetmeats.
  2. Som (Moon, Monday): Also called Chandrama, moon likes all things white so you can offer him rice, milk, curd, ghee, salt, white sweetmeats, sugar, cashew nuts and radish.
  3. Mangal (Mars, Tuesday): Hanuman is the lord of the planet Mangal. His favourite food items include red masoor daal, jaggery, pomegranates and all other red fruits etc. 
  4. Budh (Mercury, Wednesday): Lord Budh likes green colour and so his favourite food items are green moong, torai, lauki, parwal, pumpkin, green fruits and green sweetmeats.
  5. Brihaspati (Jupiter, Thursday): Lord Brihaspati loves yellow items like yellow laddu, chana daal, jaggery and yellow fruits.
  6. Shukra (Venus, Friday): Shukravar is supposed to be the day of the God of ghouls and ogre. Shukracharya likes white-coloured items like rice, sugar, semolina and white fruits. 
  7. Shani (Saturn, Saturday): Lord Shani loves all things black like black urad, mustard oil, gur, black sesame, black flowers, black fruits, black sweetmeats, black chana etc.
  8. Rahu-Ketu (Ascending and Descending Lunar nodes, respectively): Amongst all the Navgrahas, Rahu and Ketu are both supposed to be the shadow, meaning thereby, wherever one goes, the other also follows. They like black items like black urad, black til and black sweets(like Kala Jamun).

Hope the above suggestions will help you resolve the astrological dilemmas.

If you want to leverage more on food and planetary strength, follow the food & day combinations suggested above!

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