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Pandit for Puja in Dubai

Dubai Pandits, Astrologers, Palmists & Vaastu Experts

We connect and arrange meetings with Pandits For all types of Pujas. Satyanarayan Puja, Havan, Vastu Shanti, Nav Grah Puja, Nakshatra-Shanti, and all other important Puja Vidhis. 


Mundan or Chudakarana Ceremony

Mundan Ceremony is performed on the child, the hairs are freshly shaven to signify freedom from the past and moving into their new life. Chudakarana is to ensure and pray to the gods to bless the baby and pray that the baby grows up into a healthy and spiritual individual free from sins and all that impact the goodness of life.

Naming Ceremony with Vidhi Kriya

Traditionally, the naamkaran ceremony is held within a few weeks of the birth of the baby. Ideally, the naming ceremony is performed 11 days after birth just before the ‘Sutika’ or ‘Shuddhikaran’ period during which the mother and child are given intensive post-natal care. Therefore, the most auspicious day for the ceremony is the eleventh or twelfth day after birth. Nevertheless, the eleventh day is not mandatory and the parents can choose any day based on their priest’s or an astrologer’s advice.

Annaprashan Pooja

Annaprasana Pooja is performed when the child going to have solid food for the first time in their life which is a big transition from liquid food.

Ganesh Pooja

Ganapathi Pooja is performed for Lord Ganapathi who removes all the obstacles and negative energies. This puja bestows one with victory, brings harmony in the family and helps one succeed in life.

Engagement Pooja – Sagai

Engagement is an occasion where there is a formal agreement to get married and families announce the same to the society. It is also known as betrothal ceremony, Sagai, Ring ceremony, Nishchitartham, roka, chunni, etc.

Vivah Hindu Wedding

Puja for marriage or marriage ceremony is one of the most important events of one’s life. This is indicative of the transitional phase from Brahmacharayashram to Grihasthashramam. The Vivah ceremony serves as an invitation to many gods and goddesses and performs various rituals to bless the couple. Rituals associated with Hindu marriage differ from region to region and caste. 

Satyanarayana Katha

The story of Lord Satyanarayan is popular in the world. Satyanarayana Vrat Katha is the true form of Lord Vishnu as the most revered fast story among Hindu religious leaders. Some people organize this story regularly, in the fulfillment of their wishes. There are two parts to the story of Satyanarayana, fast-worship, and story. Satyanarayana Vratakatha is compiled from Rewakhand of Skandapurana. Satya Narayan (worshiped as Vishnu is the worship of Satyanarayana. The second meaning is that the only Narayan in the world is the truth, the rest is Maya.

Vastu Shanti Pooja

Vaastu Shanti worship is originally worship of lord and deity of directions, five elements of nature as well as natural forces and other related stuff. We perform Vaastu Shanti (worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment) to remove any type of Vaastu dosha whether it’s land and building, nature, or environment, by Vaastu shastra worship to avoid major changes and demolition in the structure of the building.

Office Opening Pooja

Office Pooja ought to be performed before the opening of any new office or business. An ideal day can be picked impeccably to once janma nakshatra to get the most outrageous preferred standpoint of this pooja. Many negative dosh and effects are there in new building or place, by performing Office Opening Pooja, blessings of Lord Ganesha and Mata Lakshmi is invoked to negate the power or influence of negative energies and bring in success in the business.


Havan is seen to be the prime part of any major Pooja. The sacredness and purity that a Havan can create are much more than any other process. A Homa or Havan is a sacred Hindu ritual in which offerings are made to the fire. Fire is considered to be the main element of a Havan or Homa as well as belongs to the major five elements of existence. The offerings made to the sacred fire, during a Havan, are said to purify the environment as well as the people around.

Rudrabhishek Pooja

Rudrabhishek Pooja is a very powerful pooja of Lord Shiv. Lord Ram did Rudrabhishekam in Rameswaram to Shiv lingam to get the blessings of Lord Shiv. This puja helps in having a strong mind, good health, and getting rid of evil effects.

Puja Veedhi

Nav Grah Shanti Pooja

Navagraha Rituals (Poojas) is performed if the situation of the Grahas (planets) are inauspicious, negative, bad effective, bad houses or zodiac in your Kundali/ Horoscope. Performing Navagraha Pooja provides the required strength to the person to overcome the hardships and relief from his obstacles. It also make a person progressive, success in activities, make happiness in life, wealth and health etc.  A Navagraha Shanti Pooja can be remotely performed for you by learned Bramhins.

Navratri Pujan

Navratri, as the name suggests, is a nine-day long festival of worship of Maa Durga. The word Navaratri in Sanskrit means ‘nine nights’; it is made up of two words- nava which means nine and ratri which means nights. Each day of this auspicious Hindu festival celebrates a different form of the Goddess and it is believed that those who worship Goddess Durga during these days, their wishes and desires will be fulfilled by her.

Shradh Kriya

Shraaddha (Sanskrit: श्राद्ध) is a Sanskrit word which literally means anything or any act that is performed with all sincerity and faith . In the Hindu religion, it is the ritual that one performs to pay homage to one’s ‘ancestors’ especially to one’s dead parents. Conceptually, it is a way for people to express heartfelt gratitude and thanks towards their parents and ancestors, for having helped them to be what they are and praying for their peace. It also can be thought of as a “day of remembrance”. It is performed on the death anniversary or collectively during the Pitru Paksha or Shraaddha paksha (Fortnight of ancestors)


According to the Puranas, Yama, the god of death, frees the creature in the Shraddha Paksha, so that he can go to the kinsmen and receive the sacrifice. In Shraddha Paksha, meat is considered completely forbidden. The significance of Shraddha Paksha is more in North and North-East India. Adi Amavasai in Tamil Nadu, Karikada Vavubali in Kerala and in Maharashtra are known as Pitru Pandharvada. Shraddha can be done by any man or woman. Shraadh is the basis of the food served with reverence and the offering of water with purity. Most people offer it in their homes.


If you are searching for Pandit for Puja in Dubai, you can have come to Temple Puja Store.

Pandit (Sanskrit: पण्डित, romanized: paṇḍita; Hindi: पंडित; also spelled Pundit, pronounced /ˈpʌndɪt, ˈpændɪt/; abbreviated Pt. or Pdt.) is a man with specialized knowledge or a teacher of any field of knowledge in Hinduism, particularly the Vedic scriptures, dharma, or Hindu philosophy; in colonial-era literature, the term generally refers to Brahmins specialized in Hindu law. Today, the title is used for experts in other subjects, such as music. Pundit is an English loanword meaning “an expert in a particular subject or field who is frequently called upon to give their opinions to the public.”

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We perform over 200 types of Pooja through qualified and experienced Pandits.

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