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We are providing Vastu Consultancy in Dubai for Homes, Offices, Warehouses, factories, or even land directions right from the initial stage of construction. We have a tie-up with a team of Certified Vastu Professional Experts, who can help you design, refix or correct the vibrations of the current structure or setup.

Every place and every space has a personality. It is the invisible elemental energy of a built-up space that affects people’s emotions, behavior, and life situations. Vastushastra uses this energy to unlock the full potential of the inhabitants of space to succeed, grow and find harmony. 

Vastu Shastra decodes the influence of nature’s five elements in our living space to restore the well-being of the residents. Vastu principles are detailed space utilization guidelines that are based on earth logic:  the zones, direction of the sun, surrounding environment, geomagnetic fields (vibrations), and a connection to the earth’s energy.  

Vastu For Offices In Dubai

Interior spaces of office premises affect employees, clients, and the profitability of a company. Every space has zones that bring energy fields that affect the occupants. When this energy is not aligned with the elements, employees of the office may not deliver their best. Vastushastra helps get the maximum productivity out of a space by optimizing the placement of departments and objects as per corresponding Vastu zones. Vedasrivastu is providing Vastu For Offices In Dubai, Vastu for homes in Dubai, and Vastu Consultant in Dubai services. Vastu designing or recommendations for a pre-existing office can balance the zonal energies for a gainful outcome When space is balanced according to Vastu, performances improve dramatically. An office space designed with Vastu ensures prosperity and positivity due to the allocation of the most beneficial zones to every business activity, be it an entrance, reception area, store, washrooms, or conference hall. Additionally, creating a healthy ambiance and balanced environment, through colors, shapes, and materials can enhance the beneficial zones to increase profitability, create goodwill and drive future growth.

Beneficial power Vastu zones for an office

For traders or consultants, an office in the North proves to be highly beneficial. 

Place of staff: The finance department should be in the north quadrant

The marketing and sales team will be most effective in the east zone

The direction of the office canteen should be in the south-east direction

Placement of toilets should be in the South-Southwest or west of the northwest

The legal department should be in the West

Admin and HR should be in the northwest

The ideal location of the conference room is in the east as well as the west zone

Note*: These are very generalistic guidelines, and may change as per the business type.

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

Favorable business negotiations

Enhanced creativity

Boost in profits

A steady flow of wealth

Increased productivity and sales

Fame and goodwill

Better cash flow and profits

Motivated employees

An edge over competitors

Vastu For Shop/Showroom

Every showroom or shop owner aspires to have a sufficient footfall of customers and to earn a good name, and goodwill for the brand along with profits. Vastu norms are a potent remedy in countering the numerous challenges in the retail world today. Be it a ruthless competition; increasing rents; stringent regulations and policies; online shopping, or staff motivation to problems in maintaining stocks and supplies. On the other hand, a growing population, increasing consumerism, and a higher purchasing power coupled with good products and a Vastu-balanced shop can be a mantra for victory. Vastu compliance of a showroom or a shop is instrumental in ensuring the continued success of an establishment.

A shop that is constructed in accordance with Vastu’s layout and orientation at the planning stage is likely to see success and prosperity. A pre-existing space of any size and dimension, however, can benefit from Vastu balancing as well. The nature of the business also plays a decisive role in the planning and placement of activities and zones of a shop. Vastu principles can help in increasing impact by the implementation of zonal colors and materials in the window display and signage as well. 

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

  • An ambiance of positivity
  • Increased footfall
  • Increased sales and returning customers
  • Fame and goodwill
  • Better cash flow and profits
  • Motivated employees
  • An edge over competitors 
  • Favorable business deals with suppliers

Industrial Vastu

Manufacturing industries are the backbone of modern civilization, encompassing, textiles to transport, oil extraction to plastics, and steel production to pharmaceuticals.

Vastu planning for industries requires integrating processes, materials, energy, and manpower into auspicious zones and directions to deliver increased productivity and high-quality products. The production processes, the workflow, the energy requirement, and the end product are all unique and distinct in each industry. For industries of every genre, the guiding principles of Vastu remain the same despite the distinct, unique requirement of the process and machinery

When the processes, the associated activities, and the employee stations are planned as per corresponding Vastu zonal elements, they lead to the overall growth of the industry. The birth numbers and name of the owner also is important in customizing the Vastu integration plans for the factory or industrial unit.  Vedasrivastu is a professional Vastu service provider company. We are providing Vastu For Industries In Dubai, Vastu for Home in Dubai, and Vastu Consultant in Dubai services.

Implementing Vastu remedies can help achieve:

  • Increased productivity
  • Safety on the factory floor
  • Maximum profits
  • Goodwill and fame
  • Financial stability
  • Enthusiastic and motivated employees
  • Increase in sales
  • Opportunities for growth
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